Top 5 Electric Vehicle Companies in India [2021]

The age of electric vehicles is here. Especially in India. Of course, you may argue that electric vehicles have been around for a while, but the past couple of years have witnessed a surge in the popularity of EVs. The rise in fuel prices and awareness of the degrading environment clubbed with disruptive companies like Tesla, have successfully sparked a revolution in the electric vehicle category. 

With respect to the Indian market, we have created a list of the Top 5 Electric companies in India in 2021. The list contains Indian EV manufacturers across categories like scooters, passenger vehicles, and commercial vehicles.

Top 5 Electric Manufacturers in India [2021]:

Tata Motors

Tata Motors is a huge name in the automobile market, not in India, but also on a global level. With a rich legacy of over 76 years, Tata Motors has numerous offerings in the 3-wheeler and 4-wheeler segments, across categories such as passenger cars, cargo vans, SUVs, etc. 

Living up to its brand image of being a responsible and trustworthy brand, Tata has launched the Tigor EV and Nexon EV (SUV) in the market. These offerings are one of the best-selling electric cars in India. 

The Tigor EV and Nexon EV are high-performance cars built while keeping diverse customer needs in mind. With Tata’s deep knowledge of the Indian market, along with its focus on quality, comfort, and performance, we are excited to see how their offerings shape the category altogether. As of today, with the highest market share in electric passenger cars, Tata is definitely a leading electric company in India.

Mahindra Electric

Mahindra Electric – the EV arm of the Mahindra Group, has launched e-vehicles in multiple categories. Be it 3-wheelers( Mahindra Treo and Treo Zor), Electric Auto Rickshaws (Mahindra eAlfa mini), 4-wheelers ( Mahindra eVerito,E2O plus), and vans (Mahindra eSupro).

Mahindra has quickly built its presence in several categories in the Indian electric vehicle market. From passenger cars to cargo vans, to last-mile connectivity, Mahindra has launched products to cater to all these segments. It is a company to keep a watch on for diverse and innovative products in the future. 


TVS Motors is the 3rd largest motorcycle company in India. TVS marked its entry in the electric scooter segment with the launch of TVS iQube – an intelligent and feature-packed electric scooter. iQube has already gained popularity and is one of the fast-selling products in the category. iQube is the only e-offering from TVS but it is built to offer a quality experience to the customers. 

The iQube is priced a bit on the higher side. But TVS can bank upon its legacy of having feature-rich products with the latest technologies to get the ball rolling. We hope to see more interesting offerings from TVS in this category. Maybe an e-Apache? Who knows!

Hero Electric

Hero Electric (not to be associated with Hero Motocorp) has been an early entrant in the electric scooter segment. Today, Hero Electric has infused fresh e-scooters into the market –  Nyx, Optima, Photon, Flash, and Atra. Hero electric also offers Velocity, which is an electric bicycle.

One of the major advantages that Hero holds over others is its extensive distribution network. With outlets and service centers in almost all parts of the country, it is easier for Hero to make their electric vehicles available country-wide.  

Ather Energy

Ather energy is a “Made in India” company, founded in 2013. Right since its inception, Ather has focused all its efforts into building electric vehicles that do not compromise on performance, efficiency, and looks. Ather’s offerings include the Ather 450 Plus and the Ather 450X, with the latter packing in more power and features. 

Ather has been gaining positive feedback for its high-tech and high-performance offerings. The prices of the Ather 450 Plus and 450X are higher than many existing offerings in the market, but Ather is confident that the quality of their vehicles will be a good value for money. Ather is also working on building the “Ather Grid”, which is their own charging network across cities to facilitate easy electric charging for vehicles. The fact that Ather Grid can charge all the e-vehicles and not just Ather’s own offerings, is pleasantly surprising.

The electric vehicle segment in India today is growing at a faster rate than imagined. It will be exciting to see the Indian electric vehicle companies bringing in innovation and advancement in the category in the future. Like we said at the start, the age of electric vehicles is here.