Top 5 Cheapest Electric Scooters in India

The primitive electric scooters in India were not heavy on the pockets. The Yo Bike, for example, came at a starting price of INR 14,000. Of course, the performance was compromised, but that wasn’t the focus area back then. Today, performance matters. And hence, scooters like Ather and Ola easily are priced almost ten times more than our good old Yo Bike. 

But, we are here to raise your spirits –  the top 5 cheapest electric scooters in India in 2021.

1.Hero Electric Flash LX (VRLA)

Hero is known in the Indian market as a value-for-money company. And it is no wonder that Hero has made it to our list of affordable bikes. Hero has a range of electric vehicles – Photon, Optima, NYX, Atria, Flash – that are priced below INR 70-80k on average.

The Hero Electric Flash LX, priced at INR 46,640, is one of the cheapest electric scooters in the market. It comes with a top speed of 25 kmph and can drive up to 50 km in a single charge. The top speed falls within the no-license-required category and thus frees you from the related hassles. 

2.Ampere Reo Plus

Ampere Electric is an Indian startup founded in 2007 with a focus on innovative electric vehicles. Acquired by Greeves in 2018, the company today has a range of scooters, split across performance and economy. The Ampere Reo Plus is an economy-range vehicle that comes at a low price of INR 44,990 and is available in the major metro cities in India. 

The Reo Plus has a range of 65 km with a top speed of 25 kmph. It comes in both the Lead-Acid and Lithium-ion battery variants. Similar to Hero Flash, you don’t need a registration or a driving license to ride this, considering its top speed.

3.Detel EV Easy Plus

The Indian company Detel launched the Detel EV Easy Plus at INR 39,999, keeping shorter city commute in mind. With one of the lowest-priced EVs in the market, Detel operates primarily in the Delhi-Gurgaon region and recently was in news for its tie-up with Electric one for India’s first multi-brand EV platform. 

he Easy Plus is essentially marketed as a “low-speed” mobility vehicle, with a top speed of 25 kmph, and a range of 60km. With their partnership with Electric One, the company plans to enter tier-2 and tier-3 cities as well in the future. 

4.Yo Edge DX

The descendant of the famous Yo Byke that was launched in India in 2005, the Yo Edge DX is the recent electric offering by Electotherm India Limited. Staying true to the proposition of its original offering, the Yo Edge DX is positioned as an affordable and convenient product. It is priced at INR 49,000.

The Yo Edge DX can go up to a speed of 25 kmph with a range of 60 km. It also comes with features such as fast charging, disk brakes, digital display, etc.

5.Avon E Scoot

The Avon group that launched the popular Avon cycles forayed into the electric mobility segment with not just electric bikes, but also electric autos and e-rickshaws. The electric scooter – Avon E scoot – is available at INR 45,000.

Like most other vehicles in the budget segment, the Avon E Scoot also comes with a top speed of 24-25kmph, and a riding range of 65 km. It is low maintenance, visually appealing, affordable electric bike.

So there you are with the top 5 cheapest electric scooters in India in 2021. These are suited for people who do not have the requirement of longer or frequent commutes and are looking for an easy alternative to shorter city rides. Let us know in case we missed anything, or if you would like us to cover more such bikes.