Top 3 Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturers In India in 2021

It is hard to not notice the rise of electric vehicles in the Indian markets today. With startups and biggies investing aggressively in the EV segment, another industry that is set to reap the benefits is – battery manufacturing. 

Electric vehicles today are powered by Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. Li-ion batteries are rechargeable batteries, that offer a high power-to-weight ratio and high energy capacities (basically the amount of electricity you can store in the battery, measured in ampere-hour or kilowatt-hour)

A huge portion of the required Li-ion batteries today is being imported for China, which is the world’s top producer for the same. In India, there are some companies that are trying to get into this segment and prepare themselves for the rising demand for EV batteries. 

Below are some of the top EV battery manufacturers in India as of 2021.

Top 3 Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturers in India in 2021:

Amara Raja Batteries

The Amara Raja Group is a 36 years old Indian brand headquartered in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. The company’s automotive battery business operates under the brand name “Amaron Batteries”, which is the second-largest battery selling brand in India.

Amaron batteries is one of the 10 companies shortlisted by ISRO for transferring the Lithium-Ion manufacturing technology. Consequently, the Amara Raja Group has set up the country’s first Lithium-ion technology hub at Tirupati. Amara Raja is certainly on its way to becoming one of the best electric vehicle battery manufacturers in India.

Exide Industries:

Exide Industries is a leading and highest-selling battery manufacturer in India. It is a market leader in the lead-acid battery segment in India and the 4th largest in the world. Exide is the only company to supply batteries to the Indian Navy for their submarines. With such a strong presence and credibility, it is now kickstarting its journey in the Li-ion category as well. Exide has also launched its own electric rickshaws in the market.

Although Exide didn’t make it to the list of companies that could get the Lithium-ion technology transfer from ISRO, it has partnered up with Swiss company Leclanché to jointly manufacture Li-ion batteries. The company is putting up a manufacturing facility near Ahmedabad and has tied up with around 100 OEMs already.

TDS Lithium-Ion Battery Gujarat

DSG – a joint venture between Toshiba Corporation, DENSO Corporation, and Suzuki Motor Corporation – is a Gujarat-based Lithion-ion manufacturing plant. It is also India’s first Li-ion manufacturing plant, and it manufactures and supplies batteries to Maruti Suzuki and Suzuki Motors Gujarat.

TDSG’s recent plans involve becoming a major export hub for Li-ion batteries, with moving to domestic production by 2024-25. It will also be supporting Maruti Suzuki’s plans for launching hybrid electric vehicles in India. Maruti Suzuki is also expected to launch its first EV – WagonR EV – next year in 2022.

That was our short take o the top EV battery manufacturers in India. Powerful yet lightweight batteries are important for EVs to be high on performance while having the ability to charge quickly. Li-ion batteries make up a major portion – around 40-50% – of the overall cost of making an EV. It is, thus, crucial for electric vehicle battery manufacturers to catch up with the rising EV sector in India and keep creating better products.