Mahindra Electric and its Diverse Electric Cars Portfolio

Mahindra Electric, formerly known as the Reva Electric Company (RECC) (acquired in 2010), is the electric arm of Mahindra and Mahindra – a leading Indian conglomerate. The company’s popularity surged when their first EV – REVA – hit the Indian market in 2001. Continuing with the legacy, Mahindra Electric now has a range of electric vehicles in different categories, such as three-wheelers, passenger vehicles, and cargo vans. Let us have a look at Mahindra’s electric cars that form the company’s diverse EV portfolio.

Mahindra’s electric vehicles:


Launched in 2016, Mahindra eVerito is one of the early entrants in the electric sedan category. Starting at INR 10.15 lakhs, the eVerito is one of the cheapest electric sedans available in the market. 

Top Speed: 86 kmph

Driving Range: 100 km on one full charge

Regular Charging: 0-100% in 8 hrs 45 min

Fast Charging: 0-80% in 1 hr 45 min


Mahindra’s next electric car on the list – eSupro – is India’s first electric cargo and passenger van launched back in 2016. It comes in two variants – eSupro Passenger Van and eSupro Cargo Van. The eSupro Passenger can accommodate up to 8 passengers, while the Cargo has a payload capacity of 600kg, and a loading volume of 2330 liters. 

The passenger van is priced at INR 8.75 lakhs and the cargo van is priced at INR 8.45 lakhs (both ex-showroom Delhi)

Top Speed: 60 kmph

Driving Range: 112 km on one full charge 

Regular Charging: 0-100% in 8 hours 45 min


Last-mile connectivity is an important aspect of transport in India. Auto Rickshaws are hugely popular as a low-cost option for traveling short distances. Catering to this segment, Mahindra Electric has launched the Mahindra Treo – a three-wheeler electric auto. It comes in different variants for different seating capacities and is categorized into auto (3 passengers), and e-rickshaw (4 passengers)

The price range of Treo is between INR 1.69 lakhs to INR 2.79 lakhs. Mahindra claims that the running cost for Treo is as low as INR 50 paise per km. 

Top Speed: 55 kmph (auto), 24.5 kmph (rickshaw)

Driving range: 130 km (auto), 85 km (rickshaw) – on one full charge

Charging: 0-100% in 3 hours 50 min (auto), 2 hours 30 minute (rickshaw)

Treo Zor:

Treo Zor is Mahindra’s electric offering in the three-wheeler cargo segment, to further optimize last-mile delivery. Mahindra promises a cost savings of INR 2.1 per km, and a maintenance cost of INR 40 paisa per km. The Treo Zor comes in 3 variants depending on the payload capacity with a starting price of INR 3.15 lakhs.

Top Speed: 50 kmph

Driving Range: 80 kms

Payload capacity: 550-578 kg

Charging: 0-100% in 3 hours 50 min

eAlfa Mini:

Mahindra eAlfa Mini is an affordable version of the Treo range of electric autos and rickshaws. It is suitable for a driver and up to four passengers, and costs around INR 1.26 lakhs. As of now, it is available in select cities only. 

Top Speed: 25 kmph

Driving Range: 85 km

Battery Pack: 48V 120 Ah

Mahindra is an experimental brand. It has been unveiling concept electric cars such as Halo, and Atom. An electric variant of the popular XUV SUV is also in the works, called the Mahindra eXUV300, to be launched in 2022. Mahindra eKUV is also expected to be launched sometime in 2022. Mahindra Electric certainly seems on the right track to spur the EV revolution in India.