Top 5 Electric Vehicle Companies in India [2021]

The age of electric vehicles is here. Especially in India. Of course, you may argue that electric vehicles have been around for a while, but the past couple of years have witnessed a surge in the popularity of EVs. The rise in fuel prices and awareness of the degrading environment clubbed with disruptive companies like […]

Top 3 Challenges for Electric Vehicles in India [2021]

While the electric vehicle industry is steadily gaining pace in India with the sudden influx of new EVs, the truth is, the country is still way behind in the race. EVs here are still not as well embraced as they are in many other countries. And we are here to put a finger on the […]

Should I buy an Electric Car or Bike in India in 2021

Primary keyphrase – Should I buy an electric car in india in 2021 Associated keywords: buy an electric car, right time to buy EV; electric vehicles in India,  Background: Electric vehicles are certainly more in news today than they were for the past few decades. The market seems to be gaining momentum steadily, thanks to […]

Explained – The FAME scheme for electric vehicles in India

The electric vehicle industry in India has been evolving, but at a considerably slower rate than in other countries. On one hand, the manufacturers find it difficult to produce EVs that are powerful and efficient while maintaining profits. Customers on the other hand do not find value in the amount they would have to invest […]