Fastest Electric Cars in India

Did you know that the (practically) first electric car in India – Reva – had a top speed of just 65 kmph? Even for the early 2000s, this was not much of an impressive number to go with. But the focus of the car then wasn’t the speed. It was a step towards a sustainable future. Today, things have changed. 

Mahindra Electric and its Diverse Electric Cars Portfolio

Mahindra Electric, formerly known as the Reva Electric Company (RECC) (acquired in 2010), is the electric arm of Mahindra and Mahindra – a leading Indian conglomerate. The company’s popularity surged when their first EV – REVA – hit the Indian market in 2001. Continuing with the legacy, Mahindra Electric now has a range of electric […]

REVA Car – The First Electric Car We Know

Reva – an eccentric-looking compact electric car that created the perfect buzz in the Indian market. The Reva car is often termed the first electric car in India. The car was quick to gain popularity due to its unconventional design and the positioning of being affordable and eco-friendly.  Here is a trip down the memory […]

Tata Motors Electric Vehicle Plan 2021

Another year is about to end, but for Tata Motors, things have just begun. What with the recent investment of INR 7500 crore by TPG Rise Climate into Tata Motors’ EV subsidiary, the company has garnered quite some attention.  We are here to take a look into what exactly is Tata Motors’ Electric Vehicle Plan […]