Top 3 High-Range Electric Scooters in India for 2021

  • The EV segment in India is growing exponentially – estimated to grow by 57.9% by 2025
  • 2-wheelers, being more suitable for the Indian streets, are set to dominate the EV market 
  • Bigger batteries and faster charging time are crucial for a reliable performance

If you are planning to buy an electric scooter and looking for the best options in terms of range, we are here to help you out. Keeping a balance between range and the top speed, below is our list of the electric scooters with the longest range.

Top 3 electric scooters with the highest driving range in India as of 2021

Ather 450X (116 km, 80 kmph)

The Ather 450X, launched by Bengaluru-based startup Ather Energy, is one of the most promising EVs in the Indian market today. With a battery pack of 2.9 kWh, the Ather 450X  has an on-paper range of 116 km. Ather has ensured a practical range (called TrueRange) of 85 km in Eco mode and 70 km in the Ride mode. The top speed for the 450X is 80 kmph, which is more than average compared to current e-scooters in the market.

The battery takes about 3.5 hrs to charge from 0 to 80%, and 5 hours 45 mins to charge fully. The Ather 450X is priced at ₹1,44,500.

Ola S1 (181 km, 115 kmph)

An electric scooter that is making the right noises in the Indian market. Ola entered the manufacturing segment altogether with the announcement of the electric 2-wheeler – Ola S1. Leveraging scale to reduce costs, Ola has managed to put together a scooter that looks super impressive on paper. It promises a range of around 181 km with a top speed of 115 kmph. This speed-range balance is indeed impressive.

The Ola S1 ensures a 75 km ride in just 18 minutes of charging. It has a starting price of ₹99,999, with the top variant costing ₹1,29,999

 Simple One – 236 km (105 kmph)

The top spot in the list of highest range electric scooters in India is taken by the Indian startup – Simple Energy. Their maiden product, the Simple One, is a powerful competitor to leading players like Ather, Hero, and Ola. The Simple One promises an impressive range of 236 km. Coupled with an above-average top speed of 105 kmph, the Simple One surely is one of the highest-performing e-scooters in the market.

Estimated price: Under ₹1,20,000

Longer driving ranges are particularly important when the charging infrastructure in India is still in the development stage. And hence, Indian customers would naturally be attracted to e-scooters that reduce the hassle of frequent charging and guarantee both longer ranges and high speeds. With startups experimenting and investing in innovation, the electric scooter segment is bound to dominate the EV market in the future.

Notable Mentions for the longest range electric scooters in India in 2021 (considering both range and top speed)

  • Hero Optima HX:  Range 122 km (Top speed 42kmph)
  • Okinawa iPraise+: Range 139km (Top speed 58 kmph)