3 Best Electric Bicycle Companies in India in 2021

While the Indian market is raving about new arrivals in the e-scooters and e-cars segment, there is one category that is slowly pickup up pace in the background – the electric bicycles category.
Essentially, e-bicycles are just normal cycles with an option to switch to electric acceleration, without the need for pedaling. You can thus ride in hybrid modes – pedal or throttle – as per your need. The pedaling can help you burn some calories, while the electric part can save you from steep slopes and lengthy routes.

Here are our picks for the 3 best electric bicycles companies in India in 2021:

Hero Lectro:

Hero is one of the oldest and leading bicycle companies in India. In fact, the company started as Hero Cycles, and later established a stronghold in the 2-wheeler market. Hero has launched a variety of electric bicycles under the Hero Lectro brand, with different features and use-cases.

The Lectro range starts at a price of INR 25-26k and goes up to around INR 1.35L. The e-bikes come with interesting features such as multiple riding modes (pedaling, throttling, cruise, and pedelec), disk brakes, mobile connectivity, among others.

The bikes come with a 6.36 Ah IP67 rated Li-ion battery, and can travel 25-85 km on a single charge. Hero aims to have a global e-cycle production share of around 10 percent by 2024. Coming from a well-established and large brand as Hero, the Lectro is definitely one of the best electric bicycles out there.

Toutche Electric:

Toutche was started in Banglaore as a micro-mobility company, in 2018. Today, the company is present in around six cities in the country, with a service network in over 18 cities. The company launched the Heileo range of e-bicycles in early 2019 and has been enjoying steady sales and positive reviews ever since.

Toutche’s Heileo series currently has 4 models in the market – M100, M200, H100, and H200. The M-series cycles are mountain-style bikes that are suited well for off-road riding. The H-series cycles are hybrid bikes focused on a city commute. These bikes provide a range of around 60-80km in a single charge. The Heileo e-bicycles are available at a starting price of INR 48,900. 

Toutche currently has a manufacturing capacity of 10,000 e-bicycles a year. It is currently setting up a new facility to churn out as many as 25,000 e-bicycles in a year.


EMotorad is a Pune-based manufacturer of futuristic electric bikes and has been supplying e-bikes to companies even before launching their own brands in the market. It made news recently when it launched its range of products in the UAE market, with a couple of new models as well. In India, EMotorad has 3 models – T-REX, EMX, and Doodle.

The Trex is a mountain-style bike, while the EMX is more of a city riding bike. The Doodle bike on the other hand is more of a fun, casual riding, foldable e-bike. The prices start at around INR 36k going up to INR 76k, with the Doodle being the more expensive one.

So, go ahead and have fun with some of these best electric bicycles in India. While people in India are a bit accustomed to the concepts of electric scooters and cars, electric bicycles are something that will still take some time to get popular. But, they are an excellent alternative for shorter commutes or busy roads, with a promise of both health and convenience.